1. How can I book a tour? Must I go to an office in person?

You can easily place an order via our website. There is no need to come to our office or to call us. Once we receive your order, we will contact you within 24 hours.

2. How many participants are there in a tour?

We only organise tours for small groups, the usual number of participants is 8.

3. Is lunch included in the tour?

No, in the standard tour lunch is not included. However, we do take a break for lunch. We advise you about a restaurant, but the choice of menu and payment are up to you.

4. Is there a toilet on board the bus?

No, there is no toilet on the bus, but naturally there is a toilet at each winery visited.

5. Can I take any luggage on board the bus?

As we travel in a minibus, space is limited. But please ask us, we will try to find space for it.

6. If I like a wine that I've tasted, can I buy a bottle?

Sure, it is possible to purchase any wine tasted.

7. What is the dress code?

No problem — you don’t need to dress formally. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. But do bear in mind that we visit cellars in which the temperature is about 10° C, so bring a sweater along with you.