About Czech Wine

When you name the most famous wine regions around the world, the Czech Republic will not be among them.  A possible explanation for this is quantity, not quality. Czech winemakers are able to produce just one-quarter of our annual wine consumption. Thus, as we don’t export much wine, it is difficult to find Czech wine abroad, so people just don’t know about it. When it comes to quality, thanks to the specific soil and climatic conditions, every type of wine produced in the Czech Republic has its own unique flavour, freshness and distinctive aroma. Moravian and Bohemian wines are refreshing and exceptionally varied. Our wines have become highly popular for their freshness, ready drinkability, attractive harmonic aroma and high quality. This is regularly confirmed by the awards gained at prestigious international competitions.

With a view to the relatively small size given over to vini-viticulture in the lands of the Czech Republic the local wines excel with their unparalleled diversity. Over 50 varieties are cultivated here, which is the guarantee that absolutely everyone will find their own particular favourite. What is more, a good proportion of these grape varieties have been developed right here in our country, thus these will give of their very best and make full use of the potential of our soil and climatic conditions.

During the course of the past 20 years wine production in the Czech Republic has been  transformed significantly. Winemakers have bought and started to employ the most modern technology available, aimed strictly at improving the quality of wine as opposed to just achieving the greatest possible quantity, and also made a great stride forward to adopting environmentally friendly viti-vinicultural practices. 

There are 2 main wine regions in the Czech Republic: the Moravian Wine Region and the Bohemian wine region.

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The MORAVIA wine region has excellent expectations with regard to the production of wine. Here you will find wonderful white wines with an interesting spectrum of scents and spiciness aided by the typical minerality and ample structure which the vine draws from the local soils and subsoils. This play of flavours is then underlined by a refreshing crisp acidity. In a similar vein red wines have also belonged in Moravia since time immemorial. Their taste profile has never been lacking in the terroir essence that accompanies their fruity character. Thanks to modern technological procedures Moravian red wines are changing – they are smoother and well balanced. The Southern Moravian landscape and its unique natural conditions form the basis for the singular and at the same time multifaceted character of the wines from this area.

The MORAVIA wine region stretches from the southernmost point of the Morava (March) river up as far as the area lying to the west of Brno. Altogether you will find here almost 96% of the total of registered vineyards in the Czech Republic.

The Region is divided into four sub-regions:

Znojmo sub-region

Typical for Znojmo is the production of white aromatic wines.  Apart from Grüner Veltliner, which is the principal grape variety here, Müller-Thurgau, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pálava all prosper in this area. An excellent quality is also achieved by all the Pinot family - Blanc, Gris and Noir.

Mikulov sub-region

On the calcareous soils in the area around the Pálava hills the Welschriesling grape variety gives an unmistakable character of distinctive minerality.  Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay of local provenance are also endowed with high quality. An excellent Grüner Veltliner comes from the clayey soils of the Dunajovice heights. In the Mikulov sub-region the following varieties give good account of themselves generally: you will discover here fine Müller-Thurgau, Neuburger and Sylvaner, especially around Valtice.

Velké Pavlovice sub-region

This region is the true heart of Moravian red-wine production. Its central segment has soils of calcareous clay, marl, sandstone and conglomerate rock. In the northern section of the sub-region, where vines grow on sandy soils, Grüner Veltliner and Pinot Gris thrive, alongside the mainly aromatic grapes like Gewurztraminer, Pálava, Moravian Muscat and Müller-Thurgau.

Slovácko sub-region

The lower altitudes combined with the light soils of the lower elevations raise the intensity of the summer temperatures. Consequently wines from here tend to have pronounced varietal characteristics.  Riesling and Pinots Blanc and Gris give of their best along with red wines from Frankovka (Blaufränkisch/Lemberger), Zweigeltrebe and in the village of Moravská Nová Ves the newly created variety Cabernet Moravia.

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