About us

The Czech Wine Tour Travel Agency is the first Czech one-day wine-tasting tour operator. As we love Czech wine, we want all our clients to share our intense passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for it, as well as for the country, its history and the hard work of the winemakers.

On the tour, we visit several boutique wineries in the region to offer you a comprehensive sample of the region’s best wines. We would like you to experience the best of Moravia by tasting the wines not readily available at retail outlets. So join us in going off the beaten track to explore the hidden gems and secrets of Moravia!

We specialise in wine-tasting tours in Moravia. However, at your request we are able to tailor a different tour according to your personal requirements and interests — please contact us with your specific needs.

Lenka Pospisilova & Vrata Hradecky, co-owners